Date Session ID Session Speaker/Organizer
Day 0: Monday, 23 Oct 2017
14:00 M0 Workshop on IETF for students &
scholars (Technopark, Trivandrum)
14:00 –   inSIG Participants arrive  
Day 1: Tuesday, 24 Oct 2017
08:30   Registration  
09:00 S1 Program Overview and
Participants’ Introduction
Satish & Dr Govind
10:30   Break  
11:00 S2 Internet Governance in India: A brief history [ppt]
Dr Govind
12:00 S3 Internet Governance History & Principles [pdf]
13:00   Break  
14:00 S4 IG Perspectives: Technological Sunny
15:30   Break  
16:00 S5 The Internet Governance Ecosystem [pdf]
17:00 S5A Internet Governance Forum (IGF) Renata
17:30 S6 Multistakeholder Roleplay [pdf]
Anand, Anupam
19:00 Dinner  (Technopark)  
Day 2: Wednesday, 25 Oct 2017
9:00 W1 IG and the Global Public Interest: Panel Renata (Chair), Olivier,
Sébastien, Glenn
10:00 Break Cyber Security and Governance [ppt]
10:40 W2 Break
11:10 W3 Diversity and Internet Governance Asha, Sebastien
11:30 W4 IG Perspectives: Economic and Business [ppt]
12:30 Break    
13:30 W5 IG Perspectives: Social Sébastien
14:30 W6 Internet Standards [ppt]
15:00 Break
15:30 W7 Role of Internet Society in IG [ppt]
16:30 W8 Hot Topics:
Dark Web; Cryptocurrencies
and the Blockchain [pdf]
17:30 W9 Lightning Session
(Magic Planet)
Amrita (Moderator)
19:30   Dinner (Magic Planet)
Day 3: Thursday, 26 Oct 2017
9:00 T1 Participating in Global IG Processes Sunny, Glenn,
Amrita, Subhashish
10:00 T2 Emerging IG issues and Venues:
A Developing Country Perspective
11:00 Break    
11:30 T3 IG: Legal Perspectives [pdf]
12:30 Break    
13:30 T4 “Cyber Security Incident” – Role Play
14:30 T5 Post-transition IG Challenges: Panel Dr Govind (Chair), Parminder,
Glenn, Subhashish
15:30 T6 Concluding Session: Certificates and Feedback  inSIG2017 Team
16:30 End of Programme  

List of Speakers

  1. Abhijan Bhattacharyya, TCS Research / ISOC Kolkata
  2. Amrita Choudhary, ISOC-Delhi
  3. Anand Raje, ISOC-Kolkata
  4. Anupam Agrawal, ISOC-Kolkata
  5. Asha Hemrajani, ICANN Board
  6. Dr Govind, ISOC-Delhi
  7. Glenn McKnight, Board of Trustees, Internet Society
  8. Olivier Crepin-Leblond, Former ALAC Chair & Chair, EURALO, ICANN
  9. Parminder Singh, IT4Change, Bangalore
  10. Prasanth Sugathan,
  11. Renata Aquino Rebeira, MAG Member, IGF
  12. Satish Babu, ISOC-TRV/APRALO-ICANN
  13. Sébastien Bachollet, Former Board Member, ICANN
  14. Subhashish Panigrahi, Internet Society
  15. Sunny Chendi, APNIC