Steering Committee

The conduct of inSIG2017 will be supervised by a Steering Committee whose initial members are drawn from the three organizing institutions (ISOC-TRV, ISOC-DEL and ISOC-Kolkata),  inSIG’s international supporters, and from local hosting organizations (such as IEEE Kerala Section). The Steering Committee will be expanded as required.

  1. Amarnath Raja, ISOC-TRV
  2. Amrita Choudhary, ISOC-DEL
  3. Anupam Agarwal, ISOC-Kolkata
  4. Dr Govind, ISOC-DEL
  5. Glenn McKnight, Member, Board of Trustees, Internet Society
  6. Mini Ulanat, ISOC-TRV
  7. Ranjit Nair, ISOC-TRV
  8. Renata Aquino Ribeiro, Member, MAG, IGF
  9. Sabarinath Pillai, ISOC-TRV
  10. Dr Sameer S., ISOC-TRV
  11. Sasi PM, IEEE Kerala Section
  12. Satish Babu, ISOC-TRV
  13. Senthil Kumar KB, ISOC-TRV
  14. Srinivasan R., ISOC-TRV
  15. Dr Suresh Nair, IEEE Kerala Section