Run-up Event (IETF)

inSIG2017 is organizing a special run-up event for students and researchers who would like to involve themselves in the technology development process for the core Internet, which is the responsibility of the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF).

This half-day workshop, scheduled for 23 Oct 2017 during 14:00-17:30, will provide an opportunity for the local student and researcher communities to interact with IETF practitioners. For more details, please see the event flyer here.  Requests for registration closed as of 16 Oct 2017 (Institutional applicants are requested to contact the organizers by emailing

Session Outline

23 Oct 2017, Travancore Hall, Technopark
14:30-15:30 Session 1: Introduction and deciphering
standards, The IETF process
Anand Raje
15:30-15:50 Tea Break
15:50-16:10 Session 2: IETF and related Activities CDAC Thiruvananthapuram
16:10-17:10 Session 3: The Story of the making
of India’s first indigenous RFC
Abhijan Bhattacharyya
17:10-17:30 Session 4: Get involved – How & Why?
The India Initiatives
Anand Raje &
Abhijan Bhattacharyya