Side Events

The Day 0 events for inSIG2023 are the GFCE Triple-I Workshop and the India Youth IGF.

GFCE Triple-I Workshop

The GFCE Triple-I initiative is meant to facilitate awareness-raising and capacity-building events in different regions of the world in order to enhance justified trust in the use of the Internet and/or email in those regions (specific priorities to be determined by stakeholders in the region).

The GFCE Triple-I seeks to build upon and complement existing know-how, enhancing justified trust in Internet connections and email exchanges through awareness raising on a number of state-of-the-art open Internet security standards and instigating adoption of those by building on good practice experiences.

The program schedule for the GFCE Triple-I workshop at Guwahati is available here :
Download the GFCE Triple-I Workshop Program Schedule.

India Youth IGF 2023

India Youth Internet Governance Forum was founded in 2017, with the first edition being organized in Delhi in 2019. The sixth India YIGF is scheduled to be held at IIT-G on 28 Sep 2023. More information is available at

inSIG2023 – APNIC Network Security Workshop

The objective of this workshop is to examine the concepts, protocols, and policies involved in establishing and maintaining security for a network.

The workshop focuses on different layers to establish a robust, stable, and secure network to protect the data and processes that occur in the network.

The labs are used to enhance understanding and familiarity about device and network infrastructure security.

About the Workshop:

Registration Link: