The India School on Internet Governance (inSIG) was founded in 2016, when inSIG2016 was convened in Oct-Nov 2016 at IIIT Hyderabad, immediately prior to the ICANN57 meeting held at the same city. The event had 44 participants from 9 countries and 22 speakers from 12 countries. The second edition of inSIG was held in October 2017 at Technopark, Trivandrum, which brought together 88 participants, including 63 Fellows from 5 countries, 15 Speakers from 6 countries. The third edition, held in New Delhi in Oct 2018, brought together about 90 participants.

The objectives of inSIG are:

  • Impart formal training on Internet Governance to participants so as to prepare them for engagement in global Internet Governance processes. To this end, the programme content is a balanced mix of global IG topics, regional topics and India-specific topics (in the approximate ratio of 60:10:30);
  • Nucleate a community of Internet Governance professionals in India through alumni;
  • Introduce to participants some of the global experts in Internet Governance as speakers in the programme;
  • Provide networking opportunities for participants; and
  • Provide an international setting for participants through a mix of domestic and international participants, making inSIG a national-regional SIG.

The 2019 edition of inSIG builds on the vision and design of the first three editions and aims to build a community of IG professionals in India as well as in the broader South Asia region of Asia-Pacific, who can effectively participate in global Internet Governance processes. The event is also a forum to discuss topical issues of specific relevance to India.