Program Schedule

The tentative program schedule for inSIG is provided below:

Day 1: Monday, 31 Oct 2016
09:00 Registration
09:15 M0 Welcome and Participant Introductions
10:00 M1 IG in India: History and context Dr Govind, Ex-NIXI/ ISOC-Delhi
10:45 Tea break
11:00 M2 IG: History, Context and Principles Milton Mueller, NCUC
12:00 M3 The IG Ecosystem and Entities Alan Greenberg, ALAC
13:00 Lunch break
14:00 M4 Panel: IG in Asia-Pacific: Regional Variations Kilnam Chon (APSIG), Kelvin Wong (ICANN-APAC), Mahesh Uppal (ComFirst)
15:00 M5 inSIG Keynote: The State of IG Today Ram Mohan, ICANN Board
16:00 Tea Break
16:15 M6 Internet Governance and Diplomacy Nick Thorne, Former UK Ambassador to the UN in Geneva
17:15 Close of Day
Day 2: Tuesday, 1 Nov 2016
09:00 T1 IG Perspectives: The Public Interest Alan Greenberg, ALAC
10:00 T2 IG Perspectives: Social, Political and Cultural Milton Mueller, NCUC
11:00 Tea break
11:15 T3 IG Perspectives: Governmental Rahul Gosain, Government of India
12:15 Lunch
13:15 T4 IG Perspectives: Tech and Engineering Srinivas Chendi, APNIC
14:15 T5 Panel: The IANA Transition: Testimony to Multistakeholderism in Action Chair: Izumi Okutani (CRISP/JPNIC), Milton Mueller (NCUC), Dr Govind (ISOC-DEL)
15:15 Tea break
15:30 T6 Panel: ICANN Accountability Post Transition: Workstream 2 Chair: Asha Hemrajani (ICANN Board), S├ębastien Bachollet (At-Large), Izumi Okutani (JPNIC), Vinay Kesari (CCWG), Becky Burr (Neustar)
16:30 T7 Evolution of the Multistakeholder Model: Past, Present and Future Rinalia Abdul Rahim, ICANN Board
18:30 inSIG Dinner Paradise, Gachibowli
Day 3: Wednesday, 2 Nov 2016
9:00 W1 Participating in IG organizations and processes Olivier Crepin Leblond, At-Large
10:00 W2 IG Issues: Human Rights, Culture, Democracy, and Developing Countries Parminder Jeet Singh, IT4Change
11:00 Tea break
11:15 W4 Participating in IG organizations and processes (Part 2) Sandra Hoferichter, EuroDIG
12:15 W3 IG Perspectives: Legal Vinay Kesari, CCWG
13:15 Lunch
14:00 W5 IG Issues: Zero Rating, Net Neutrality, Intermediary Liability Sunil Abraham, CIS
15:00 Tea break
15:15 W6 Panel: Challenges for the Post-Transition Ecosystem: Accountability, Governance, Diversity… Chair: John Laprise (IG Strategist), Sandra Hoferichter (EuroDIG), Prashant Sugathan (SFLC), Kilnam Chon (APSIG), Nick Thorne (Former UK Ambassador to UN)
16:30 W7 Distribution of certificates & Closing