Day 0 Events

Two events are planned on 12 October 2018 as Day 0 Events:

These are:

  • The first India Youth IGF
  • The GFCE Triple-I Workshop

India Youth IGF 2018

The first India Youth IGF (YIGF 2018) is expected to be organized as a Day 0 event of inSIG2018 on 12 October 2018. The event will have multiple sessions on topics of relevance to young users of the Internet, particularly those in secondary school, college and early employment.

An ad-hoc MAG and an Advisory Committee have been constituted for the conduct of  YIGF2018.

Ad-hoc MAG

  • Gulshan Banas
  • Ihita Gangavarpu (Civil Society)
  • Shahul Hameed (Technical)
  • Adarsh (Private Sector)
  • Debjit Kar (Government)

Advisory Committee

  • Satish Babu (APRALO/ISOC-TRV)
  • Amrita Choudhury (ISOC-DEL)
  • Dr Govind (ISOC-DEL)
  • Sunny Chendy (APNIC)
  • Samiran Gupta (ICANN)

GFCE Triple-I Workshop

India School of Internet Governance (INSIG) and the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology, Govt of India, will  host The Internet Infrastructure Security Day: a workshop to learn more about Open Internet standards & sharing good practices that will improve reliability of the Internet and collaborative security.

For registration and more details, please see: